• What do I need to know before adopting a dog?

     It’s Sunday afternoon.  You’re at the local shelter with your partner/friend/child/sibling/person “just taking a look” and definitely not adopting a dog when you stumble upon the cutest critter you’ve ever seen.  And your partner/friend/child/sibling/person agrees. Excitedly you ask the agency volunteer for an application form and BAM! Questions like, “how often will you take your dog to the veterinarian?” and “how will you train your dog?” slowly begin to stifle your once unbridled excitement.  Blinded by furry promises of cuddles and companionship, it’s easy to forget that adopting a dog requires a lot of energy and effort before they even…

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    Rescue Dog Adoption: Start Here!

    Why We Created DogBush Our first rescue dog Diesel inspired us to create DogBush.  After the passing of our first Labrador, we decided to explore rescue dog adoption.  Lab Rescue connected us with a handsome, snuggly bear…

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